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Skechers: Why I cringe when I see them.

Skechers is $4.64 billion global leader in the footwear industry, Skechers USA, Inc. designs, develops and markets more than 3,000 styles for men, women and children.

They offer lightweight mesh shoes without stitching, sure to appeal to those with foot deformities or difficult to fit feet.

They are wide, and provide reduced pressure on areas which may, in typical footwear, become irritated.

Lack of laces or fastenings make them easy to slip on and off.

They’re relatively cheap.


When we are assessing footwear, we think, is this shoe suitable for the activity and the foot type? 

Soft is good right? Well, not necessarily. Do you feel stable standing on a mattress? It’s soft, but how much muscle contraction is required to stop you from falling? The same with shoes, unsupportive feet roll in, or out excessively, increasing damage to soft tissues and bones, as well as increasing your risk of falls.

Limited to no support in the heel increases instability of the rear foot. Again, providing a less than stable heel strike can cause damage and increase falls risk. Simple foam throughout the shoe offers no stability, particularly in the midsole, making the shoe unsupportive and unstable.

The soft mesh, though comfortable, stretches, and there is no room for any adjustment with laces or velcro. Elastic pretend laces are simply that, for appearances sake.

Your feet will fatigue wearing these, increasing the risk of plantar fasciitis, forefoot pain and ankle sprains and strains, knee pain and so on, all of which I have seen clinically with increased wearing of these shoes.

So, is there any place for Skechers? Sure, as an occasional shoe. Certainly not an all-day shoe, active shoe, walking shoe or standing shoe. 

Would you wear an orthotic in your Skechers? Certainly not. We don’t not recommend using an orthotic in a grossly unstable shoe, you could make matters even worse. Invest in a decent walking shoe with heel and midsole stability. You’ll thank us!

At Edgecliff Podiatry we can guide you in choosing an appropriate, comfortable shoe which will keep you active and stable. Don’t risk your foot, ankle and knee health, or your safety by choosing shoes based on ease of use.

If you would like footwear advice, or have painful feet, ankles or knees, please call us to make an appointment.

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Kathy Noel
Kathy Noel

Walmart brand is just as good and a lot cheaper. They sketchers only laughed about 3 months. And at $90 for a pair of Tennis shoes.As ridiculous.

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